We foster and hold dear, close, and personal relationships with our parents and children, where the relationship is of far more value than merely economic.

Jacaranda College is a independent private school, located in Centurion, catering for boys and girls from Grade R. The school is organically developing upwards to Grade 12. Our education focus is underpinned by international educational research. It is knowledge based, cognitively age-appropriate and child-centred. We use an innovative, contemporary style of school management and have a professional, talented team dedicated to our motto “We choose equality, dignity, diversity, and development”.

Everything that we do at Jacaranda College is done to the highest possible standards. This applies to academic work above all; learning and teaching is the core business of the school. The academic progress and outstanding examination results, which each learner achieves, tell their own story of high expectations and hard work. Excellence in our classrooms are built on the foundations of small classes with high educator to learner ratios, teachers who can communicate with passion and expertise, specialist teaching from the earliest age, attention to the needs of individual children, and classroom facilities and instruction methodologies fit for 21st Century and beyond learning.

Opportunities beyond the classroom enrich each child's life at school and allow them to discover new talents and skills. There will always be enough friends to share interests – whether they are in sport, music, debating, expeditions, science, or drama. The feeling of being part of a successful group, and the self-belief which comes with success, will enhance enjoyment of subject courses and success in class-work. School is about finding out what you enjoy doing and then doing it to the best of your ability.