Role of School in Child Development

School play a very important role in a person’s life. It is important because it teaches us about the world around us & prepares us with the tools that are needed for future success.

It is a school where one spends a considerable amount of time and School accompanies people from their childhood until their adult age. Therefore, it strongly influences the development of the personality of children. It can also be said that the impact of school is much more significant than that of family.

It can thus be said that a school helps in the overall growth & personality development of a child. The way that teachers interact with their students & the way that they encourage interactions between affecting the development of each child in a different manner.

How School Plays A Major Part

School Promotes Positive Interaction

In schools, children learn how to interact with teachers & other fellow students. There, they learn about how to build healthy & positive relationships while developing them further through social interactions, both in the classroom and at the playground.

School Widens Horizons

Studying with different age group children coming from far wide places irrespective of religion, class, creed or color, broaden their mental horizon.

School Builds Character

Character building is not an alternative to academic achievement rather an important subsidiary of it. From the very beginning, just as the school provides lessons on reading, writing as well as arithmetic, it also focuses on helping kids learn about respect, love, integrity & compassion.

School Promotes Communal harmony & Socialization

This is the place where children meet other fellow mates of their age group, establish new relationships, and make friends for life which may be important in future life. The school has an integral role in the process of socialization of a child.

Learn New Things In School

Children love to learn many new things from their classmates, peers & friends. School is the place where they can acquire new positive life skills. Life in a school, we never stop learning. It continues till the time we are alive.

Social Development In The School

School also plays a vital role in the social development of children. For example, when they are on the playground, they learn how to play in coordination with other team members. Outside of the classroom, they learn many valuable lessons at school such as good behavior, social skills, work ethics, etc while gaining a sense of personal achievement.

Schools provide a structured setting where they can learn about rules & regulations With this, they learn how to behave well positively among a group of students. It can thus be described as a temple of learning. To sum up, school plays undoubtedly an important part of every human life.

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